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Welcome to the mobile era. Physicians can now dictate patient charts using their smartphone. We also offer dictation by handheld recorder, PC-based recorder, or their existing dictation system. Check out the science behind this convenient new method:

SecureLine™ allows physicians to quickly dictate the patient chart using their smartphone by calling a toll free number. The system is completely secure and meets all HIPAA and HITECH standards.

Your dictations are transcribed by professionals trained to accurately interpret both specific medical terms and individual speaking styles. Your checklists, templates and notes are implemented to maintain accuracy and save time.

Accuracy is essential. We pride ourselves in maintaining a consistent, exceptional level of accuracy in our transcriptions. This is achieved through meticulous editing and quality standards. Beginning with experienced, professional transcriptionists, each report then moves through two editing phases, and finally to a quality assurance specialist. Every report flows through this stringent process before it is sent to you for review.

Automated Edits are possible with the use of the feature SmartScoreā„¢. With SmartScore, we are able to auto-flag changes in each transcribed report for constant review at the outset. Our team then audits each of your transcriptions through a scoring system and works to improve that score with diligent review. By using SmartScore in this manner, we are able to catch issues and make adjustments on a continual basis.

Variable Pricing allows you to control your costs with a variety of options in turnaround time. Your most critical records can be delivered in two hours or under. For your less time-sensitive reporting, we offer longer turnaround times at a lower cost.

Your physicians' schedules are jam-packed, so we aim to lighten their load by eliminating unnecessary time spent shackled to paperwork. Our signature management feature allows them to digitally sign their reports at their convenience, with one login.

SingleSign™ captures your digital signature including all critical information, and adheres to HIPAA, HITECH and ESIGN security requirements. If you are a physician on the move, chances are you rely heavily on your staff. We offer a variety of signature options and features for your qualifying cosigners.

When it comes to your patient record management, you tell us where you want them, who gets them, and how fast they arrive. You can select from a broad range of options.

EMR Integration makes patient record management truly paperless. Once the physician signs the transcription, we deliver the document directly to the patient's electronic chart without any additional work on your part.

The HL7Coupler™ has security that is unsurpassed. We protect your sensitive information with features that go above and beyond HIPAA regulations. Our HL7Coupler powers EMR integration and eliminates the need for constant maintenance by your IT department or in-house tech whiz.

Document Delivery options offer you the flexibility to print a hard copy of each record, or have it securely and automatically faxed or emailed to any destination.

FileSynch™ protects your transcriptions as they make their way securely to your computer. The FileSynch security level meets all HIPAA and HITECH standards.